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  • How to refine platinum and what are the methods

    1. Preliminarily wash the platinum powder with hydrochloric acid to remove some base metals. After heating at 40-50°C for 10 minutes; pour in hydrochloric acid and use new hydrochloric acid again to……

  • What is the cost of gold refining

    The cost of gold refining can vary widely depending on the size of the refining operation, the complexity of the refining process, and the quality of the equipment used. In addition, the cost can al……

  • Silver powder electrolytic refining factors affecting the quality

    1、Current density, the higher the current density, the worse the quality of silver powder output. The higher the current density of the cathode, the higher the silver content of the anode, the high……

  • rhodium recovery and refining

    Rhodium is a rare and valuable metal that is often used in catalytic converters, electronic components, and jewelry. It is one of the six platinum group metals (PGMs) and is typically found in ores ……

  • How to deal with nitrogen oxides

    Nitrogen oxides are a class of air pollutants that include nitrogen oxides (NOx) and nitric oxide (NO). They are produced by the burning of fossil fuels and the high temperatures in industrial proce……

  • How much does silver electrolysis equipment cost and where can I bu...

    The price and purchase source of silver electrolysis equipment varies by region and brand. In general, prices may range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You can purchase ……

  • Gold refining method of fire method of oxidation refining method

    I do palladium carbon recovery this business, majoring in palladium carbon waste recovery, but also recovery of waste containing gold, silver, platinum and rhodium. I am often asked about gold refin……

  • miller process gold refining

    The Miller process is a widely used method for refining gold, which was patented by Francis Bowyer Miller in 1867. The process involves heating impure gold with chlorine gas, which reacts with the i……

  • The method of extracting gold from aqua regia

    The method of gold extraction: the ground gold ore or gold waste into a beaker, add 3-4 times the dissolution of aqua regia (aqua regia and hydrochloric acid and nitric acid volume ratio of 3:1). Af……

  • the process of refining gold and silver

    The process of refining gold and silver involves several steps to purify the metals and remove any impurities. Preparing the ore: The first step is to prepare the ore for processing by crushing and ……



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