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What are the characteristics of organic waste gas treatment equipment

The harm of organic waste gas to human body is various, and the toxicity of organic waste gas in different industries is also different. When organic waste gas is discharged, it needs to be treated by organic waste gas treatment equipment. Next, the small part of nitrogen oxide absorption will introduce the characteristics of organic waste gas treatment equipment and whether it is applicable.

1. No need for high cost chemicals, stable operation, corrosion resistance, load shock resistance.

2. Acclimate appropriate microorganisms for specific harmful gas components to improve the loading rate per unit volume.

3、 Organic and inorganic mixed fillers are used, with large specific surface area and high porosity, which can provide nutrition for microorganisms and support a large number of different microbial populations.

4. Organic waste gas treatment equipment packing active medium loss is small, can reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs.

5. Enhanced natural biodegradation of pollutants is adopted, and no secondary pollutants are produced.

6. VOC removal rate is high, and the removal rate of H2S is up to 99%.

7. The PLC control system runs automatically without personnel management.

Like the common waste gas treatment of organic waste gas treatment equipment, there are generally activated carbon adsorption method, catalytic combustion method, catalytic oxidation method, acid-base neutralization method, plasma method, etc., which are widely used. Now there are more and more manufacturers dealing with waste gas, and the equipment is more and more advanced. Yuanhe environmental protection Co., Ltd. is also a professional manufacturer integrating environmental protection engineering planning and design, environmental protection equipment design, manufacturing and sales. It undertakes planning and design, manufacturing and installation of air and water pollution control projects. It can deal with soluble gas, liquid particles, solid particles, ozone and other pollution sources for you. One stop service to deal with industrial pollution, ensure that the treatment is up to standard, so that you no longer worry about pollution.

Post time: May-13-2020