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What are the good monitoring methods for installing NOx tail gas analyzer in boiler

There are catalytic reduction method, liquid absorption method, solid absorption method and chemical inhibition method for nitrogen oxide waste gas treatment. Liquid absorption method is divided into dilute nitric acid absorption method, ammonia alkali solution two-stage absorption method, alkali sulfite ammonia absorption method, urea reduction method and urea solution absorption method. The selection of specific process shall also be determined according to the actual working conditions.

Application scope of NOx tail gas analyzer:

It is suitable for the measurement of the real-time concentration and cumulative emission of NOx in the exhaust gas of the gas-fired boiler with the organized emission of the fixed source, and can adapt to the harsh working conditions such as high boiling, high humidity, high dust, corrosion, etc

Characteristics of NOx tail gas analyzer system:

The cross interference between the measured gases is small. It is not interfered by particle and moisture;

The system adopts anti-corrosion design to ensure long-term and reliable operation of the system;

Effective anti blocking measures, adopt high-pressure frequency modulation purging mode to back purge the probe;

Perfect equipment pretreatment system

Equipment self inspection function

High precision sample gas analysis system, the analyzer has the advantages of accurate measurement, high reliability, low investment cost, fast response, etc;

The analyzer has the advantages of supporting on-line calibration, small measurement value fluctuation, high reliability and simple equipment maintenance

The gas interference is small, which improves the real-time and accuracy of the measurement process.

The whole gas chamber adopts stainless steel design, which reduces the absorption of interference gas and impurities and ensures the stability of the measurement process.

Complete external interface

A variety of data transmission modes to meet the needs of different customers.

High integration, the main cabinet integrates the temperature / pressure / flow / dust data collection function, compact structure, convenient transportation and engineering installation;

The temperature and pressure flow detector adopts integrated cabinet, high-precision micro differential pressure transmitter (low detection limit), automatic zero adjustment, automatic back blowing, back blowing protection, data upload and display and other functions;

Post time: May-13-2020