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What are the solutions to the hot stroke of electrolyzer

When the electrolyzer enters into the hot stroke, it should be found as early as possible and dealt with in time. Next, the silver electrolytic cell small edition will introduce for you.

First of all, it is necessary to analyze whether it belongs to ordinary or abnormal heat sink. For the treatment of ordinary hot bath, the causes of hot bath shall be analyzed, and different measures shall be taken for Different Inducements:

(1) If the set voltage is too high, reducing the voltage properly can reduce the heat revenue in the electrolyzer system;

(2) For the heat bath caused by the low aluminum level in the bath, the method of reducing aluminum output or adding solid aluminum into the bath can be adopted to increase the aluminum production in process and increase the heat conduction and loss;

(3) When the mole ratio is high, aluminum fluoride should be added properly to reduce the mole ratio;

(4) If the insulating material is thick, the insulating material shall be thinned properly;

(5) If there is a large amount of carbon slag in the tank, the carbon slag shall be removed and the electrolyte shall be kept clean all the time;

(6) It is also necessary to maintain a high electrolyte level and increase the thermal stability of the cell.

For the treatment of abnormal hot bath, the key is still to carefully check the condition of the bath, correctly determine the cause of hot bath, and implement treatment measures for the symptoms, otherwise, not only the hot bath can not return to normal, but also can cause more serious consequences. General inspection items include: first, check whether the voltage measuring instrument has errors, then check the electrolyte level, aluminum level, tank bottom precipitation and tank bore, tank voltage maintenance, anode current distribution; check the work record to understand the tank processing and effect. Based on the information collected

Make judgment, formulate and implement symptomatic treatment methods:

(1) For the heat bath caused by the increase of secondary reaction due to the low polar distance, first adjust the polar distance to normal, reduce the secondary reaction and eliminate the factors that increase the heat output.

(2) If there is a lot of precipitation in the tank, or the pressure drop at the bottom of the tank is large due to the shell formation at the bottom of the tank, which causes the heat at the bottom of the tank, it is necessary to deal with the precipitation first, for example, by raking the precipitation or adjusting the technical conditions to gradually eliminate the precipitation at the bottom of the tank.

(3) To find out the cause of the uneven current distribution and take measures to eliminate it. If the bias current is caused by the contact between a certain part of the anode and the precipitation, the precipitation at that part shall be handled; if the bias current is caused by the long anode package or falling block, the abnormal anode shall be handled as soon as possible.

(4) The hot cell formed by the electrolyte overheating caused by the large electrolyte resistance can be opened for a short time to make the anode and electrolyte exposed and strengthen the heat dissipation of the upper part of the cell; at the same time, the mixture of aluminum fluoride and cryolite powder is added to the cell. The melting of the mixture will absorb a lot of heat and reduce the bath temperature; the addition of aluminum fluoride will reduce the molar ratio, reduce the primary crystal temperature and improve the conductivity of the electrolyte.

(5) In severe hot bath, electrolyte can be changed to reduce the bath temperature; it should be noted that alumina can not be added to reduce the bath temperature.

(6) For the hot cell caused by the sick cell, measures shall be taken to stabilize the cell before dealing with the problem of high cell temperature; for the hot cell transformed from the deterioration of the cold cell, the causes shall be analyzed and judged, and the treatment shall be carried out in time according to the above methods.

Post time: May-13-2020