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Zhengzhou Jinquan Precious Metal Refining Equipment Co., Ltd. was listed in the “China’s Top 100 Prospective Unicorns”

On November 13, 2020, China Prospective Unicorn Summit Forum was held in China (Taiyuan) coal trading center. Huang Qifan, distinguished professor of Fudan University, academic consultant of China finance 40 forum and former mayor of Chongqing, delivered a keynote speech. Luo Qingyu, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Wang Yixin, vice governor, attended the meeting. Zhang Xinwei, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and acting mayor, delivered a speech. Li Junlin, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee and vice president of Taiyuan University of science and technology, Yang Junmin, Secretary of the District Committee, and Yuan Erming, deputy secretary and mayor of the district attended the speech.

China Prospective Unicorn Summit Forum has attracted 1317 enterprises to apply for the election. The selection was conducted from nine dimensions, including enterprise value proposition, industry prospect, brand influence, key business and R & D investment. Finally, China’s top 100 prospective unicorn enterprises were selected, with a total valuation of more than 50 billion yuan.