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Zhengzhou Jinquan won the science and technology award of China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association

         In order to commend and reward the units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress of non-ferrous metals industry, China Association of non ferrous metals industry and China Society of non ferrous metals decided to award 233 scientific and technological achievements in 2020 in accordance with the “measures for the award of science and technology in China’s non ferrous metals industry” and “detailed rules for the implementation of the measures for the award of science and technology in China’s non ferrous metals industry” China nonferrous metal industry science and technology award of the year. Among them, Zhengzhou Jinquan mining and Metallurgy Equipment Co., Ltd. won the award for “research and development and industrialization of high efficiency and high purity silver electrolysis complete equipment”.
           The high efficiency silver electrolysis device is a device which refines the crude silver from 97% to 99.99% by electrolysis. Silver plate was used as anode, titanium plate as cathode and silver nitrate solution as electrolyte. Crude silver is dissolved in anode by DC power supply, and pure silver is precipitated in cathode to achieve purification effect.
          Advantages of Zhengzhou Jinquan high efficiency silver electrolysis device:
1. Adopting high current density electrolysis technology, the cathode current density is 750A / m2, and the production efficiency is high;
2. The product quality is stable, and the stability of electrolytic silver powder can reach more than 99.99%;
3. Transparent and airtight flue gas cover, side ventilation, good working environment in the workshop;
4. Provide electrolyte cooling system for cooling electrolyte to reduce evaporation and consumption of electrolyte;
5. Set up the flue gas condensing system to cool the flue gas to avoid the loss of silver.

Post time: Apr-16-2021