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Industry News

  • The Discovery of Nanoclusters Will Protect Precious Metals

    Scientists have created a new type of catalyst that will lead to new and sustainable methods of manufacturing and using molecules and protect the supply of precious metals. A research team at the University of Nottingham has designed a new type of catalyst that combines features that were previou...
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  • Finding Gold | Product Sorting

    Over the years, the well-respected AESF/NASF contributor Jack Dini has written a series of fascinating columns for electroplating and surface treatment, titled “Fact or Fiction?”. In 2020, Jack’s works will return from time to time. The earth is the first place most people thin...
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  • How to distinguish the gold content?

    There are several ways to identify gold, but it is better to go to a professional institution for testing for insurance purposes. 1. Classification of gold identification methods Gold identification methods are divided into two categories: destructive identification methods and non-destructive id...
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  • Let me introduce nitrogen oxides to you ~

    Let me introduce nitrogen oxides to you ~

            Nitrogen oxide is a common pollutant in the atmosphere, usually referred to as nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) as air pollutants usually refer to no and NO2, which are discharged by natural and human activities, as follows: NOx emitted from nature: mainly from the...
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  • What are the factors that affect the quality of silver powder in silver electrolysis?

    Silver electrolysis is to be able to produce high purity electrolytic silver, but in this process, there will be some factors that affect the quality of silver powder, and then Xiaobian will bring you a detailed understanding of what is silver electrolysis. In the process of silver electrolysis, ...
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  • What are the methods and steps of crude silver electrorefining process?

           Silver electrolysis process belongs to redox reaction. At the same time, the positive silver ions in the solution are driven by the electric field and move to the cathode continuously. After reaching the cathode, the electrons are reduced to silver. Silver electrolysis is the whole process...
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  • What are the solutions to the hot stroke of electrolyzer

    When the electrolyzer enters into the hot stroke, it should be found as early as possible and dealt with in time. Next, the silver electrolytic cell small edition will introduce for you. First of all, it is necessary to analyze whether it belongs to ordinary or abnormal heat sink. For the treatme...
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  • What are the characteristics of organic waste gas treatment equipment

    The harm of organic waste gas to human body is various, and the toxicity of organic waste gas in different industries is also different. When organic waste gas is discharged, it needs to be treated by organic waste gas treatment equipment. Next, the small part of nitrogen oxide absorption will in...
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  • What are the good monitoring methods for installing NOx tail gas analyzer in boiler

    There are catalytic reduction method, liquid absorption method, solid absorption method and chemical inhibition method for nitrogen oxide waste gas treatment. Liquid absorption method is divided into dilute nitric acid absorption method, ammonia alkali solution two-stage absorption method, alkali...
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  • What are the factors that affect the NOx emission concentration

    1. Factors affecting denitration efficiency Due to the different quality of coal in different areas, the CO combustion of coal is the same. Therefore, a large amount of flue gas will appear when burning some low heat coal; on the contrary, if some high heat coal is used, the amount of flue gas wi...
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  • What are the differences in conditions, equipment and operation of silver electrolysis in different plants

    The vertical electrode electrolyzer invented by Mobius in 1890 is the most widely used one in Europe and other regions. However, the horizontal electrode electrolyzer invented by tume and balbach thum was also used in America. Although the latter has the advantage of dissolving anode completely, ...
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