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50kg /d gold, 400kg /d silver refining project case

50kg /d gold, 600kg /d silver refining project case

20 ton/year gold, 300 ton/year silver refining project case

300-ton/year silver refining project case

800ton/year silver refining project case

Saudi AMAK gold smelter project case

the Zijin Tajikistangold refining project case

the TCL Group Gold and Silver Medal Project was successfully put into operation.

the TCL Group Gold and Silver Commemorative Medallion casting Project case.

the Shangnong Gold and Silver Refinery Project case in North Korea

the Silver Refinery Project case of MODISION Company of India

the gold refining project of Baiyin Nonferrous Group Copper Company

the NOx Gas Treatment Project

Gold Electrolysis Project case

the Gold Refinery Expansion Project, 50 ton/year gold refining

India Copper Electrolysis Project case

Nitrogen Oxide Flue Gas Treatment Project case.

500 tons/year silver refining project

High purity gold and silver refining project.The purity of finished gold and silver is over 99.999%.

Gold ingot project case

500 tons/year silver refining project

40 kg/d gold refining project

Johnson Matthey (Shanghai) Catalyst Co., Ltd. NOx oxide gas treatment project.

the gold refining, gold bars and gold medals casting project

the gold electrolytic refining project

platinum smelting refining and purification project

1 kg standard gold ingot project case

Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. waste metal polymetallic recycling project

the Silver Electrolysis and Ingot Casting Project of Lanzhou Jinchuan Science Park Co., Ltd.

the 300 tons/year silver electrolytic refining project

1kg and 12.5kg standard gold ingot project

The 50-ton/year gold and 100-ton/year silver refining project

Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Jinguan Copper 10 tons/year gold electrolytic refining project.

Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Jinguan Copper nitrogen oxide flue gas treatment project

300 tons/year silver, 20 tons/year gold, gold and silver refining project

The Palladium Purification and Flue Gas Treatment Project

Pt, Pd and Rh refining and purification project of CNOOC Taiyuan Precious Metals Co., Ltd.

Nitrogen oxide treatment, gold granulation and ingot casting project

The 600 t/a silver electrolysis project